furby 1998

First Furby

At first glance the first Furbys looks like owl or hamster, this electronic robotic toy were sold over 40 million unit during the three years of its original production, with 1.8 million sold in 1998, and 14 million in 1999. What makes this furby became something of a must have toy during their initial launch because  they come in several colors and it’s speaking capabilities were translated into 24 languages.

In the year 2005 Habro which develop this toy was upgrade the furbys to Emtro-Tronic Furbies with bigger versions of the toy, voice-recognition, more complex facial movements, and many other changes and improvements.

Continues with the latest addition a New Furby Toys was released in  2012, they come in 10 different colored furs. Most of the new Furbies will have a single color, but there are some that have a mix of two or more, such as the lights or dark blue & pink. And there is no doubt that several special edition Furby models will be created as well.


New Furby 2012

It has more expressive LCD eyes, a wider range of motions, its own iOS app that bringing him up-to-date for a generation growing up with smartphones and tablets, and the ability to adapt its personality in reaction to user behavior. The on-off switch is replaced with a reset button, the 2012 Furby turns itself off after one minute of inactivity. The new model exhibits features of the classic Furbies as well as not to dismiss the Emoto-Tronic Furbies.

New Furby ToysThe New Furby Toys almost like the bat especially the ears. It has big, white and glowing eyes,  in place of those plastic spheres are two big LCDs that comprise roughly a third of Furby’s body. The new eyes significantly contribute to Furby’s range of emotions, allowing Hasbro to design different dot matrix pupils for different moods like anger and innocence.

According to Hasbro measurements Furby looks largely similar to earlier units and covered in thick, neon blue fur. At launch, it will be available in six colors, that number jumping to 10 by the holidays. His tail, plush feet and moving pointed plastic ears are all a slightly lighter shade. Just below his eyes is a yellow beak that opens and closes as it speaks. Inside is a red tongue if you pressing down on this starts Furby chewing as though it were being fedLike the original one, this new furbies start out only talking in furbish, the native language of the creature. The more you speak, the more chatty it becomes — speak enough and will begin incorporating more English words into its speech. But until then you don’t have to think wondering what the furby is trying to communicate.

For those having trouble with the Furby language, there’s an app for that. The free Furby toys iOS app offers up a translator that will listen to its speech and spit out its English equivalent. One app furby uses can tell you what those squawks and whistles really mean. It successfully translates Furbish to English. The app, which will be available for the iPhone and iPad, the iPad app picks up the tone, which we humans cannot hear. The new app also allows you to feed Furby with different digital foods such chicken, sushi, a mini hot dog – right into Furby’s mouth.

Said the designers and creators of the new furbies, ”We did a lot to make sure Furby learned and grew too. It starts out sweet and naïve, but it can develop more richly than the first one did.” And like the original Furby, the new furby lacks an on/off switch, it’s only turns off when it goes to sleep or when it is left unattended. There’s no volume switch to turn down Furby’s high-pitched voice. And that’s intentional, says Hasbro. “Part of that is figuring out what your Furby needs and what to do about it.”  Furby can really help teach children responsibility.

Furby Features :

  • Circular LCD screens for eyes with mechanical eyelids that allow Furby to have hundreds and hundreds of different and unique expression and emotions, for example sleepy eyes.
  • The internal hardware has been dramatically improved and is now compatible with Apple’s iPad, iPhone for use of apps and will soon be also compatible with Android Smartphones.
  • Furby has six new sensors. It has one on the top of its head, stomach, mouth, back and tail, as well as a tilt sensor. All the sensors make the toy more intractable by being able to tickle and poke the Furby and then be given a appropriate response.
  • Furby can learn as you play with it and interact with each other,  it might of picked up some vocabulary from you and also they will be able to play and talk to each another.
  • Furby has many different personalities depending on how you treat it such  if you keep on refusing to feed it when its hungry.
  • Furby takes two AAA batteries, and if you remove the batteries while its on, it will not lose its memory and personality unlike the older version.

Furby For Sale

New Furby 2012From many toys review site the  New Furby toys will be one of the most recommended toys for child especially during this holiday season as a Christmas gift. Furby for sale about $50- 60 usd , from the price Hasbro says,  goes to pay for all that technology. In an age where people pay 60 dollars for video games that are sometimes barely played with, there is no shortage of confidence that people will be willing to paid for a new furby 2012 that could be played with even more.

Furby would be very suitable as a “pet” for kids, or to you’re your kids to develop skills and minds to become a great person. Also makes a good desk toy for adults as long as you’re okay with the level of noise make by Furby. It can make a good gift for those who grew up with one of the originals, as it has that nice level of nostalgia about it. The materials are also very soft and Furby is surprisingly sturdy unless you’re really rough with her. You also can feed them with your finger.

You can find all the colors of furby toys on Amazon.com. Closer to the holidays, the additional 5 new model already available, there are Furby Cotton Candy Plush, Orangutan Plush, Punky Pink Hasbro Plush Pet, Starry Night and Furby Lagoona.


  • Lots Of Fun Interactive Features
  • Multiple Personalities From “Meanie Peanie” To “Sweetie Pie”
  • Life-Like Animatronics
  • Animated LCD Eyes
  • App Adds Additional Layer Of Fun
  • Teaches Responsibility
  • Grows Over Time


  • Not cheap
  • Need App For Furbish Dictionary
  • App Works Only With Apple Devices
  • Loud
  • No On/Off Button Or Volume Control
  • Longevity?
  • Doesn’t Respond Always
  • Sheds Fur


•PANTRY – Choose from over 100 different foods items for your FURBY to eat! Get to know your FURBY better by figuring out what foods items it likes and dislikes to eat.
•DELI – Customize a special meal for your FURBY with over 60 different ingredients for making a sandwich.
•TRANSLATOR – Did FURBY just say what I think it said? Translate FURBY’s Furbish in real time using the Translator. Hold your app device close to FURBY’s mouth when it speaks. When the speech bubbles appear, simply tap either the Furbish or English phrase to hear it said aloud.
•DICTIONARY** – Complete Furbish to English dictionary. Now you can practice Furbish even when FURBY is not around. This on-the-go dictionary comes complete with vocabulary illustrations and audible Furbish to learn perfect pronunciation.